Wound Care Supply Program

Our wound care dressing program was designed to ensure maximum convenience, without compromising on the highest levels of CMS compliance.

Our customizable program integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, and we work together with your staff through training, education, and ongoing support to get you the supplies you need quickly and efficiently. Most supplies arrive within one business day. Our supplies are provided at no out of pocket cost to the facility, as they are billed directly to the patients’ insurance.

For wound care supplies to be eligible for coverage, all we need is:

  1. Patients’ face sheets
  2. Dispensing order (telephone order or signed consult)
  3. Current wound information (e.g., skin grid, nurses’ notes, wound doctor’s consults)

CalMed – increasing your resident care, through enabling your staff.

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The CalMed Difference

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    Receive most supplies within 1 business day.
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    “Set and forget” – Have supplies arrive on a weekly basis with minimal interaction*.
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    Custom tailored program.
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    Real-time reporting – Know immediately which supplies are covered and which are not.
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    “Complete Compliance” – Tools and educations to ensure CMS compliance.
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    Detailed audits identify and maximize patients coverage.
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    Incredible cutting edge customer support.
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*As per Medicare rules, we are required to confirm that previously sent supplies were utilized prior to sending additional quantities.
How can I know if a wound is covered?
A few examples:

Pressure Ulcers (stages II-IV & Unstageable)
What’s considered debridement:

  • Surgical: sharp instrument or laser
  • Chemical: topical application of enzymes, such as Santyl
  • Mechanical: irrigation or wet-to-dry dressings
  • Autolytic: application of occlusive dressings to an open wound
If a wound was
or debrided
– It’s covered!