Enteral Therapy Supply Program

Receive most enteral supplies at no out of pocket cost with our enteral therapy supply program!

Covered supplies include:


Feeding Tubes

Administration Sets


In order to establish eligibility, all we need is:

  1. Patients’ Face Sheets
  2. Dispensing order (telephone order or signed consult)
  3. Dietary Notes
  4. Clinical documentation of functional impairment of the G.I. tract

Our friendly and knowledgeable team can provide guidance to make sure the dispensing orders are written correctly to qualify for coverage.

CalMed – increasing your resident care, through enabling your staff.

The CalMed Difference

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    Receive most supplies within 1 business day.
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    “Set and forget” – Have supplies arrive on a regular basis with minimal interaction*.
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    Custom tailored program.
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    Real-time reporting – Know immediately which supplies are covered and which are not.
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    “Complete Compliance” – Tools and educations to ensure CMS compliance.
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    Detailed audits identify and maximize patients coverage.
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    Incredible cutting edge customer support.
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*As per Medicare regulations, we are required to confirm that previously sent supplies were utilized prior to sending additional quantities.
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